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Patching the Den Floor

I’m afraid I’ve been a bit negligent about updating the blog. So much has happened and it all looks so good! Lets start where we left off. We were in the process of patching floors for quite a while. The biggest patch was in the Den. We got one of the best mops that clean your hardwood floor to keep our new floors looking new.

First thing we did was cut the hole nice and even. We wanted it to be just less than 6 boards wide. We also cut it such that the subfloor was exposed about an inch on each side so we had something solid to nail the patch into. There were 3 layers of flooring in the room: subfloor, a soft-wood floor, and an oak floor.


After reading tips from, we decided to use a circular saw instead of a table saw. After getting everything cut with this excellent Circular Saw we spread construction adhesives along all the beams with the mdf boards cut to size, added “shims” to the beams to bring them up to the same level as the subfloor, and screwed the plywood patch into place.



At the ends of the plywood, we cut notches in the floor to go around the remaining bits of the wall. This room was once 2 smaller bedrooms and the wall was load-bearing. We took it out and were left with a large hole in the floor and two small juts into the room, we have great projects for this space but we think we will need an extra hand, the company will be needed for this project.


Making the patch 6 pieces of flooring wide meant we could really finish this area and make it look nice.

After the subfloor was down, it was time to install the flooring. This patch was large enough that it went down just like a normal hardwood floor. We cut the groove off the first row and then went to town.


Plenty of Vector cuddles along the way. Vector was very very sick about a month ago and we’re still recuperating even if Vector is 100% recovered.


On the last row, we roughed it each piece by ripping it to length on the table saw and then hand planed it to fit. It was slow and tedious but the final result is beautiful.

After I painted the trim a nice clean coat of white, and we cleaned all the junk out of the room, we were ready for the USA city floors to be finally refinished. I also cut in with a beautiful denim blue called Skipper by Behr. I haven’t painted the rest of the room but the color is awesome so far


I’m going to leave you in suspense for the great hardwood refinishing reveal. It makes for better drama that way 🙂


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