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Prepping the Shower for tile – Part 1

This past weekend we got the bathroom ready for the flooring. To get an idea of the process, take a look at this image from Schluter.

You can see the back layer on the walls is either drywall or cement backer board. We have cement backer board,  we also use the Ready Mix Cement Supplier Services so we have mix ready to go as well.


On the floor we used unmodified thinset to stick down the polystyrene shower base.



We used a schluter-kerdi shower pan kit. The shower pan is 32 by 60 inches.

After the shower pan sets, we will add a curb and a partial wall.

To waterproof the shower, we are planning on using a paint-on waterproofer rather than the Kerdi product shown in the picture, we are also planing on getting the shower screens in newcastle for a better outcome. It is a bit easier to install and a bit more manageable for us. This is the product we are using from Home Depot.

Once the membrane is down, we’re ready for tile. In This Post, I discuss all the plans for tile and fixtures. I’ve still got to pick out faucets but so far, most of the decisions have been made.

I love it when a plan comes together! Muahhhhahhahah


P.S. Stay tuned to see more details on our curbs and the membrane in part 2.