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Projects for Another Day – 3

So many things I want to do! This projects for another day post will be Christmas themed.  I have so many Christmas Decorations on my list but no time right now.  One day…


1) Ornament Wreath

Before these were available for purchase on every Christmas Isle at every box store, my mother made one for our home.  It hung above the fireplaces in houses in CA and TX and it is beautiful!

My parent’s just moved so I was forced to scour a photo from facebook, hence the reason the wreath is cut off.  The scale is also off.  That hearth is huge and the wreath is very good size though it looks standard wreath-sized in this picture. It’s 2 feet-ish across.

Here’s a picture of a not-nearly-as-good one from target:

For the wedding, I used vintage compotes full of a mix of vintage and new ornaments at centerpieces. I have enough ornaments for a pretty awesome wreath, I just need to do it.

2) Button Garland

I want this garland from Ballard Design for my tree.  But I’d rather make it from buttons of all different sizes or even different colors.

I think brightly colored buttons would show up better and be a little more fun. You can buy big multi-packs of buttons from Oriental Trading for under $10.

For string, I’d use something fairly strong. I’m thinking kite twine.

or even rainbow string

3) Paper Tree Topper

This image is from an exceptionally good wiki-how page. (Click for link). I think it’d be awesome out of colored cardstock and glittered super well. The right Christmas cards would be pretty as well but I think with a real variety of cards it would end up looking a little dis-jointed.

4) Pinecones

I have a thing for pinecones. I think it’s partly because they are different everywhere. The pinecones up here are small, like an inch tall. Great for topiaries. The ones in Florida/Georgia are BIG like 8 in or bigger. Texas has nice round ones in the 3-4 inch range and CA is a bit devoid of pine trees. Turns out Stefan is also a pinecone fan. I love the glass ones:

but the natural ones have so much potential as well:

I’m digging the garland, the topiaries, and the pinecones as part of the mantle vignette. Pinecones are also great as bird feeders:

(click to link to source)

Just spread on the peanut butter and roll in birdseed. The birds love them and they look great hanging on a naked deciduous tree.  I think most kids made these in elementary school at one time or another but I’m 24 and I still think they’re cool.

5) Tree skirt
I need to make a tree skirt. I’ve heard of people making them out of their wedding dresses but I’m a little scared to do it. Maybe if none of my children want it, I’ll make it into a tree skirt for them. For now, I think I’ll leave it hanging in the closet. But that means, I still need a tree skirt. I love these. Click for links to tutorials. Decisions, Decisions…

I remember my mom used just a big (like 4-5 yards) piece of cheap lace around the tree.  It looked great and full and was super easy and flexible.  I’ve got to figure out just what I want to do.  We’re not “real” tree people so that makes things easier.  No mess to contend with.

What about you, any Christmas projects you’re going to tackle before Chrismas?  Any projects you wish you could tackle?

“May Your Days be Merry and Bright!,”