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Projects for Another Day – Cabin Fever edition

I’m ready for winter to be over!  I can’t wait to get back into the garden.  I’m also looking forward to Estate Sales and weekend trips to New Hampshire and New Bedford for antiquing.

1) Strawberry Rocks

This first little projects is meant to be a squirrel and bird detterent. Put these out and the birds will “learn” not to eat the berries. I have my doubts that it will work but they look super fun to paint.


2) Stepping Stones

I love these stepping stones made with quickcrete and a rubber doormat.

I love the added traction and the slightly whimsical design.

3) Brick Path

This brick path is definately happening this year. I love the way this is done. The bricks are just dug into the dirt. If any snow-heave throws the bricks, just plop it back down in the spring. The shifty, disheveled look just adds character!


4) Shed Trellis

This shed has a trellis attached along with the fake window with a window box. Our shed is def getting some of that treatment. We’ll see what gets done this year but I have a window I’m eyeing.