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Projects for Another Day: Throw Pillows

I’ve never been one to buy throw pillows, I only bought one of them back when I wanted a Flamingo Couple Decorative Pillow.

Why buy when half a yard of fabric and you can make them!

These are some of my favorites that I think would be pretty easy to DIY.

1) Beaded Patch

This pillow from Joss and Main a while ago is elegant and sparkly. Any Number of Patches would do the trick to take a plain pillow and jazz it up.

2. Beaded Fabric

This is another pillow from Joss and Main.

Again, just a pillow cover with a square of beautiful fabric. This would be a great thing to make with an old dress with beautiful beading. Even a Wedding Dress momento.

Here are some fabrics that could work as well.

3. Embroidered Throw Pillows

This is right up my alley. I really like embroidery. I find it very relaxing. I’m totally going to make these. Just sketch out a design and copy it onto 2 squares of fabric to make a pair of pillows.

These are from an old One Kings Lane sale. I really like the greens on linen.

4. YoYo pillows

These are a little more country than I sometimes go but I think in pinks and purples in the Girls room upstairs, it could be really cute. Also, I just really like yoyos.

5. Cat Pillows.

These were a victorian thing. They would have these cat-shaped pillows. There have been reproductions for a while. My grandma had one, my mom had one, and I’m determined to have one myself.

I was thinking that it might be neat to take a picture of Vector and print him on a pillow. What do you think? Creepy or Cute? I guess if you have to ask…

There are all sorts of variations on the classic tabby cat pillow. This is one of my favorites.