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Radiator Removal

We were checking the entire past week for professional removal companies in order to remove the old (nonfunctional) radiators we got with the house to make some extra space. The small group came at 3 on Wednesday. There were three guys and  it took them only 2 hours to remove the seven radiators, the old cast iron tub, and carry the claw-foot tub up to the third floor. If your home is not as warm as you would like then there are specialist insulation companies that can help a great deal.


They were such pretty radiators but I’m glad to be rid of them.

This is the truck:

Don’t be fooled by them setting lightly against the tree. These things are HEAVY. So heavy it takes all of me and Stefan’s force just to slide them. The guys had a couple of tools to help them. One was this dolly with 2 pairs of different sized wheels:


I’m not sure how they got them up into the truck.


The house is practically floating now that all that weight is gone! It’s so nice to have recovered that space and Morei indicated that most of them were cracked which validates 100% our choice to get rid of them and go with forced hot air heating.