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Shed Designs

We are going to need a back shed soon, we want to get one from the sheds in albury wodonga.  There is nowhere to put the snowblower or lawn mower besides hauling it up and down the basement steps.  The shed is a late-summer, low priority project at this point as a tarp on the back deck protects the machinery at the moment.

Here is some inspiration!  Let me know your thoughts
SOURCE: better Homes and Gardens

I love the landscaped “front yard” of the shed.  The side windows and the large, wide door is very functional.  Cute but not over the top.
SOURCE: Better Homes and Gardens

This one is super cute with the picket fence.  I do think a better path is important in our case.  I also don’t think we can have a potting bench inside with room for all the equipment.  Perhaps a “porch” on the shed could have a cute potting bench.
SOURCE: Better Homes and Gardens

This one is nice and simple.  Door, 2 windows, window boxes.  I think we need more of a barn-style door to give plenty of room for the equipment.
SOURCE: Better Homes and Gardens

This is a kit shed.  Cute but again, I think we need more of a storage shed and less of a garden shed.
SOURCE: Better Homes and Gardens

This is more like what I’m thinking.  One window, barn door with ramp, simple landscaping.  Love the shutters, from Nu-Style roller shutters.  I also think it needs 2 more windows on the sides of the building to let it a bit more light.  Our shed won’t be electrified so natural light is important.    Also, love the weather-vane.  Perfect spot for one!  I love that this shed looks like it’s been there forever.  The windows could easily be reclaimed from the main house and the barn door is just a sheet of plywood.  I think a metal roof may really make this design stand out, but it would have to be done by the best roofing contractors in order to be perfect .

There isn’t room for a potting bench but the roof line could be extended to the left with a bench set underneath the overhang.

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SOURCE: Better Homes and Gardens

This one is also good.  A different layout with the main entrance being on the side of the building.  I love the trellis and the window box.  That could definitely be added to any shed design.  I like the look of the good path.  It makes the shed look like a destination and may make the flow of the backyard a bit better.  I also like the double doors.  That may be better for wrangling that giant snowblower out.

Lots of ideas.  I just need to figure out what all needs to be stored in the shed and where it is going to be placed.  Long term ideas though.


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    Think about what will go in the shed. You could have a covered lean-to thing on one side with a table underneath to use as potting shed. Keep soil, etc under table. Do you remember behind the garden shed here. Corrugated metal sloped roof off the back. It would get hot inside the shed to use it to pot up plants etc. Maybe have a small area on one side to house seedlings etc. snowblower, lawnmower, wheelbarrow?, hedge trimmers, rake, fertilizer, ant killer, left over bricks. Brain storm everything that might go in it. Kids yard toys.

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    The biggest thing is the snowblower. It is about 2.5 ft by about 4 feet and the lawnmower. We don’t really have enough room on the side to have a shed or we’d do that. I wasn’t planning on having a potting bench inside. It will get way too hot for that for sure. I like the idea of a corrugated metal roof. They last forever and are cheap and low maintenance. They also have a good shed-look. I’ve been trying to draw it out so that I have enough room to get to everything without having to take the snowblower out every time I need something. That’s really the big thing. It’s tempting to just put shelving all around and have the snowblower in the middle of the shed so it’s easy to get out. Then again, Stefan and I can get the snowblower in and out of the basement it just isn’t practical to do that every time it snows but perhaps we can do that every spring/fall. For a potting bench, I was thinking something like this:

    A drop-leaf table mounted on the outside of the shed. I can keep potting soil in trashcans set on castors and roll them out to where I need them.