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We went ahead and bought a shed for the house.  We needed something for the snow blower and the much needed lawnmower.  We looked at some different things.  We don’t have the time to build one this year so we wanted to get something cheapy that would last us a year or two.  Turns out, these metal sheds are really inexpensive and remarkably durable.  Not the most attractive but I think I can make it work!


In the short term, we’ll just put it up and use it as quality storage. In the longer term, I’m thinking I’ll attach a couple tall, skinny fake windows to either side of the door with planter boxes below them. When we replace the windows on the house, I’ve got a couple that will be perfect.  I’ll just anchor them to the side of the house and call it a day.  I’d also like to put a nice trellis on the exposed side of the shed and grow some kind of nice vine on it. Maybe a climbing rose or something cool like that.  A couple bushes in front to give it some landscaping and we’ll fill in between the shed and the fence to the right with some arborvitae.  I’m also going to be keeping my eyes peeled for an old weathervane to mount on top of it.  How sweet would that be!?!

I could also paint it but I’ll probably wait until it needs it though I would like to paint the doors like barn doors just to give it a bit of style.

It’s 8’x10′ so I’m hoping it will really hold a lot

  • Snowblower
  • Lawn Mower
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Weed Whacker
  • Hedge Trimmer
  • Propane Tank
  • Potting soil, mulch, compost etc.
  • Lawn Furniture (during winter)
  • grill (during winter)
  • Shovels (snow and garden)
  • planters and pots
  • Sidewalk salt

I’m a little concerned the size will overpower the yard but I don’t think it will.  That yard is actually rather huge.  With some old windows with chipping paint and some window boxes, I think I can turn this ugly metal shed into a cute backyard cottage.

Once we get it installed a post a picture.  Any other ideas for how to gussy up the ugly metal shed?