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Snow and Stuff

I’ve got some mid-week thoughts and pictures for you all. It snowed!

We had our week of January thaw last week and then another 2-3 inches last night. It’s a “pretty” amount of snow but an unfortunate amount. The forecast was 1-3 inches and most towns elected to just do a cursory plow job. When we get 4-6 inches, the plowing is much more thorough.

I realize I missed a weekend of house update – the first full weekend of January. Just more electric and plumbing. Nothing too exciting but I did make these cool plant hangers. I needed something to keep the cat out of my Christmas Cactus. I don’t know why but it’s his favorite. He likes to pull off all the leaves. I think they make a nice satisfying pop when they let go.

The plant hangers took about 3 minutes to make and look pretty cute if I do say so myself. Google around, there are plenty of tutorials if you’d like to make something similar.

I also have the Piano Room mostly cleaned out. It’s hard to say it’s clean and when you see the picture you will go “clean…really?” but it’s worlds better.



You can see floor! I guess you’ll have to take my word for it. Waaaayy better.

I’ve moved almost everything into closets on the 2nd floor. They are packed full but they have doors and I know where everything is which is a big improvement.

That’s the mid-week update!


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