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The Bed delimma

A couple weeks ago, we drove out to central MA to pick up this georgous queen mahogany bed for $400.


You can see it is obviously not in our master bedroom where it belongs. One.small.problem…. It doesn’t fit up the stairs. Nothing is ever easy with us! So for now it is decorating the entry way. We have a plan though. We are planning on going through this window:


Which translates to the large window on the second floor in this photo.


Another few weeks and we’ll have replaced all 3 second floor windows on the back of the house. This window will be a test-run for replacing the rest of the windows in the house with little or no destruction of the interior walls. We’re hoping we can pop off the moldings, pull out the old window, pop in the new window and cover up the plaster mess with the moldings again. We’ll keep you posted!

We already ordered the window and once it’s in, we’re planning on hoisting the bed through the open window. It will be a VERY tight fit but I think we can do it. The plan is to get a handful of people to help. It isn’t heavy, just awkward shaped and I just HAD to have a 4 poster bed. I also go a new coverlet for our bed, its beautiful. But look at it! Octagonal posts with little finials on top. Shiny dark mahogany.



Here’s that same picture but I just loooove it.


I was looking all around for a bed I loved and I couldn’t find it anywhere and then BOOM craigslist came through.

Now we just need to go mattress shopping with our Nolah Mattress coupon codes and we’ll be sure to get a split boxspring for a great price! I’m pretty sure there’s no way a queen mattress will fit up the stairs and we’re running out of windows to replace!


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    I love the bed. I’ve never heard of a split queen mattress. the temperpedic top part comes rolled up and sits on a standard qn box spring with a nice plywood top. we reused our bottom part and made the plywood piece. The mattress kind of blows up when they unroll it. I don’t know how you would ever get it rolled back up if you needed to though. Could be an option for you.

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