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The Coming Months

We are planing on moving into the house in May which means we have a lot to do in the next 6 weeks.  If we look at the schedule:

April 7/8 – kitchen floor
April 14/15 – finish deck and get electric prepped in the kitchen
April 21/22 – plumbing the water heater
April 28/29 – finish up the plumbing and electric in the kitchen

May 5/6 – we are in Houston for a Wedding
May 12/13 – bottom cabinets and appliances installed
May 19/20 – move-in time!

Busy Busy!

June is devoted to getting the electrical and plumbing situated in the rest of the house and July is all about the 2nd floor master Bath. Once that is done, we will be comfortable and can take a bit of a house-work breather before we dive into the molding work, finishing work, additional bathrooms, etc.

It has been an incredibly busy past 4 months.  We went from our wedding on December 11 to closing on the house on December 15, just a week later.   Then it was Christmas and my sister’s wedding on January 15.  After a quick turn-around, Barbados was calling and we were on our honeymoon for 3 weeks.  We got back in mid-February, we’ve been going non-stop on the house ever sense. I’m so looking forward to just lounging and watching tv in our new house!