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The Hunt for a Table

This past weekend, Stefan (the boyfriend) and I headed up north in search of a dining room table. We are looking for something with character and heft. Probably Oak. We would like it to have several leaves and expand to 7 feet long or so. It will be used at present as an office table with room to eat at one end so the bigger the better. Let me know if you see anything!
Our hunt this weekend yielded no table but I did get a chance to explore a variety of antique shops in Haverhill, Georgetown, and Lawrence, MA.

The first shop was Sedler’s Antique Village in Haverhill. Their website can be found here: this was a great little shop. The prices were great and it was huge. 3 stories of a neat old house full of booths and stuff. Some of the more noteworthy finds at Sedler’s:

A Ms. Beasley Doll for $35 and this super cute enameled kettle for $6. If mom lived closer, I’d have bought that kettle for her. Super cute and a great price!

These shops were busts:

Little’s Block of Shoppes 1 West Main Street, Georgetown, MA(978) 352-3344 ‎Mostly new stuff. A cute gift shop but not really antiques that I was looking for.

Jennies LLP 133 Merrimack Street, Haverhill, MA(978) 373-2069 ‎
Junk! Some of the vendors had some old stuff but for the most part this was an overpriced thrift shop full of booths of smelly clothes and used goods. The whole place smelled of smoke and I don’t think I’ll bother going back.

Antique World 136 Cedar Street, Haverhill, MA(978) 372-3919 ‎
We could never find this place.

The real find though was Canal Street Antique Mall in Lawrence. Located at 181 Canal Street Lawrence MA 01840, this place was awesome. Huge, tons of variety, lots of man-tiques (Silverline tools, barware, and furniture) as well as tons of everything else. I saw all sorts of stuff I had to have but I didn’t end up buying anything. Going with the express purpose of looking for a table helps the buying impulse. Here is a photo of one half of the place. There are rooms to each side full of booths and you can see just how long that hallway is! And, that is only one side; the other side is equally as large!

One cool thing we found was the handmade wooden car. It was definitely made by some grandpa and has the innards of a Barbie Jeep. It looks like it may be a kit but I decided that my Daddy needs to start making these for the nieces/nephews/future grandkids. How awesome is that!

I’ll definitely be back to Sedler’s and Canal Street Antiques. Next time my mother comes into town, we’ll have to hit those up.
Another interesting place we ran into was Paul Martin Wholesale Antiques. It was closed when we drove by but it looked like a goldmine of awesome. I’ll have to call and see if I can find its hours. I’d definitely like to check that place out.
Until next time!

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