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The Vent Hood is in!

Yay, the big hole in the cabinets is gone!

Here’s the Before:

and after:

To install the hood liner and the actual vent fan, we first tacked up some painted MDF so that the sides of the cabinets would be white.

We used paneling adhesive and pin nails. In the picture you can see we have an ikea Lack table and some scrap wood and boxes set up. We used those to hold up the heavy fan and vent liner while we put it in place. After bolting in the guts, it was time for the fun part, I was very scared, I knew I should have hired the remodelers in elmhurst il in the first place.

We tossed up the wood vent cover and tightened it up. We pre-drilled holes through the sides of the adjoining cabinets and used screws to tighten everything up. It made a huge difference in how tight the seams were. What we wonder is if that modification neds to be updated on the house blueprints or actually What Information is Included in House Blueprints?

You can see the gap here as Stefan pre-drills the hole.

And after the screw goes in to pull everything together,


The seam is nearly invisible.

I’m so excited to finally have a vent hood.

Here’s the list for the kitchen:

  • Finish installing countertop (behind stove)
  • Seal Countertops
  • Under-counter outlets
  • Under-counter lighting
  • Have the vinyl windows sacramento ca Company install final window.
  • Window Trim
  • Backsplash
  • Plate rack
  • Paint
  • Finish flooring install
  • Install exterior door
  • Plan out microwave cabinet and install
  • Stairs re-do

There’s plenty more work to do but it’s exciting to knock things off the list.