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The Weeping Cherry Tree

Everyone seems to think my weeping cherry tree is awesome so I thought I’d share a season by season picture of the tree.

Here is is in all it’s glory.  This photo was taken on April 10, 2012 in all it’s glory.

After about 2 weeks of blooms, the tree looks like this. This photo was taken on May 15, 2012

It was in May that I thought wow, maybe I’ll keep this tree. Look at this cool bird nest!

Ironically, the same photo that made me think “Cool!” also made me cringe. Look at the mess that is the branching of that tree.

This is what the form of a weeping cherry should look like:

The mess that is my tree is never going to go back to its traditional form. It’s been neglected for far too long. And that becomes painfully obvious when you see the tree in the winter…the longest season. yes, from November to April, a full half the year, this is what is looks like:

The “hand” I call it is creepy and deformed looking.  It’s also awkardly placed in our yard which is really a shame.  I’ll do what I can to save it by cutting off all the branches in the “hand” that are growing in the wrong direction but eventually, it will have to go.  I am planning on growing something else further back towards the property line to add a little privacy and once that takes, it’ll be time to chop down the cherry tree. We will have Tree Removal Southern Maryland come out and take it down for us. I may even re-read some plotless Russian literature while I do it.   (That’s a super-nerd literature reference…yeah, I’m cool.)


And that’s the saga of our tree.  Part of me loves it’s pink blossoms and the feeling of being inside it’s sweet canopy of leaves but part of me knows that 6 months of ugly isn’t worth a month of pretty.  Then again, perhaps it is.

What do you think?  Chop it or leave it?  Any advice on making it less ugly?  I’m thinking of making a bunch of pinecone bird feeders to hang on it but I’m waiting another winter until we’re sure the Grackles are gone for good.  The pigeons still come around from time to time making trouble but they are far less numerous than the Grackles were.

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