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Tiling the bathroom walls

It’s been slow going but I’ve started working on the bathroom walls. I can’t get them completely done until the trim is up around the windows but I’m making progress.

I started in the area behind the toilet. I figured that was the least noticeable area. It’s hard to get everything strait and even but I think I’ve got a system.



I’ve got the laptop set up there and I play an episode of Veronica Mars and go to town with the tile.

I can do about a third of a box in an episode…not a fast project but I do think I’m getting faster. I’m using a tile adhesive mortar that is pre-mixed which makes it really easy to start and stop. I can do an episode or two’s worth after work without too much start-up time. The pre-mixed is so nice that way.

I’m hoping that once moldings go in, it will just be a couple more days until grout and after grout comes fixtures! Yay toilet and sinks!