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Trick of the Trade – Freeze your rollers

This is a handy painting trick that my mother taught me.  I’m not sure where she learned it but it sure is handy.

Instead of washing our your brushes and rollers, freeze them.  While I might not do this for years, for a week or two it’s a great way to save all that time and water cleaning out your brushes and especially your rollers.

Put the roller or brush into a large ziplock bag. I label mine so I know what kind of paint it’s got on it.


Then toss in the freezer. When it’s time to do a second coat or start on another room with the same paint, just pull them out to thaw and go to town. It doesn’t take long for the paint to thaw and it sure beats cleaning brushes all the time!

I’ve got another ziplock in the fridge with a brush, roller, and mini-roller with white primer on them.


We moved a lot as a kid and I remember my mother keeping a fully loaded paintbrush in the fridge for touch-ups while we were trying to sell the house. It turns a scuff on the wall from a big touch up project to a quick brush thaw.

It’s a handy trick. I highly recommend!


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    Good Advice.

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