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Under-Cabinet Lighting

We have installed under-cabinet lights and they are AWESOME! We used these warm white LED ribbons and the installed quickly and easily.

The tape has an adhesive back to it was just a matter of cutting the ribbon at the appropriate spot, using these handy clips to attach to it, and connecting the wire from these clips to some lamp cord we strung to all the sections of cabinets. We soldered and heat-shrink wrapped the cord connection but Stefan and I are huge nerds and there are plenty of simpler ways to get everything wired together.


The lamp cord was strung back to the back of the top corner cabinet where we wired everything together and installed the transformer. We also used a dimmer thinking we would need to adjust the lights from but the brightest setting was appropriate so the dimmer was not needed.


This is the transformer we used.

We wired the transformer power back to a switch and the result is a beautiful even under-counter glow. I love it! The lights were so easy to install, we’re thinking of running a string through the back of the upper cabinets tanks to this range of mirrors we found. Since they are LED they don’t let off all the heat that the typical halogen under-cabient lights do so they are perfect for in-cabinet use as well.


They really are a neat product. I highly recommend!


  1. 1/31/2014 | 10:22 am Permalink

    Wow. I love those. I’m thinking- where cold we use those.
    Great pictures showing the details.