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Update – Weekend of May 12-13

I’ve been negligent in posting for a couple weeks. Last weekend I had a wedding in Houston so we didn’t get much done on the house though we did pick up the Shed from Home Depot. The Cabinets came in 2 weeks ago. They look great and are taking up the entire living room. We have literally a wall of cabinet boxes! The delivery was 32 boxes! only one didn’t fit through the door but it did fine once we took it out of the box.

This weekend we did a good amount of landscaping. I weeded and spread mulch and threw some plants in the ground. I went to the Arlington Garden Club plant sale with my good friend Emily this weekend. We got there towards the end and for the last 45 min of the sale, all plants were $1! I got 2 hostas, mint, hardy Mums, purple Asteres, a handfull of strawberries, all for $10! It was a great find! Next weekend there is another plant sale, a big one! I think Emily and I are going to try to hit that one as well. I bought one hydrangea at Home Depot but I could use some more perennials. I could certainly use some more Hosta and I’d love some Lily-of-the-valley. I’d also like to try some Butterfly Bush.

Stefan mowed the lawn and I can’t believe what a difference that made! The yard looks so good now that it looks like someone lives there!


This Photo was taken March 18, 2012 so you can see it’s still winter-y with the tree and roses looking dead-ish. You can start to see the terrible state of the grass though.

This photo was taken April 10 and you can see the start of spring and the piles of trash/lumber piling up in the yard.  The pile of lumber is for the deck. Most of the metal scrap was hauled off by our metal guy, Jose.




We also started on the base for the shed. I was hoping to get the whole shed done this weekend but that didn’t happen. We’ve decided to start with what we have and pour concrete on top to create a really sold foundation for the shed. It’s going to be cheaper and easier than trying to get the base level and get the floor structure of the shed built. It will also last forever. We can use the base long after this shed is toast. Of course, that puts the shed project out another couple weeks. I’m starting to let go of my control of the schedule. It’s been good. I’m much more relaxed. I’m trying to take things as they come and focus on the progress we have made rather than the progress we haven’t made.

I’ve still got to catch up on the blog and post about last week.  I’ll leave you hanging as to rather or not we got the hot water running!