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Update – Weekend of May 19 and 20

We decided that we were tired of not living in our house and that we were going to move the bed over on Saturday and try to get hot water going so that we can live in the dusty dirty mess that is our new house.  It’s one step up from camping but it’s been a fun ride.  The mattress came over on Saturday and I spent Sunday getting things situated while Stefan worked on the Hot water heater.  I am pleased to announce that by Sunday evening, we had hot water in the house, all we needed to get was a Water Heater System Repair!  There is still a bit of a water hammer problem but I’ll work that out at some point.   For now, it’s just nice to finally live in this place that is quickly becoming our home.

We are arranging the bed in the 3rd floor “playroom” since it hasn’t had any work done.  It is relatively clean and I can’t tell you how much better I sleep on our quiet street in Arlington.

The bathroom is on the 1st floor and it is small but functional.  I need to get a clean-ish path made between the bedroom and the bathroom but for now, it’s a shoes always kind of place.

I got rid of all the cardboard covering our new floor in the kitchen since the workers are gone and I re-arranged the kitchen to give us some counter space etc.  Stefan is supposed to set me up with a washdown sink and get the stove functioning soon-ish as well.  Then we’ll really be all set up.

I assembled this Ikea hutch.  It’s the Hemnes line and it looks great!  It’s already been super useful for keeping the food centralized and out of the way.  I still have to put the doors on but Stefan is on business travel until Thursday and it’s a bit of a 2 person job to hold them up and attach them.

The place is really coming together.  The dining room is the “goods” warehouse.  I’ve got all the cabinets in there as well as all the ikea furniture and the range and dishwasher are stashed in there until we need them.

The piano room is going to be the day-time home for the kitten we want to get soon.  He’ll have plenty of room to run and play but he won’t be able to get into any trouble.  He’ll have a litterbox, food, water, and lots of toys.  At night, we’ll let him wander around with us and/or keep him up in the bedroom with us.  He’ll have a litter box and water and food there too but we wanted to keep the primary litterbox out of the room.  Stefan has a sensitive nose and we figured we could make it work better this way.  Once we get the kitten, I’ll be sure to post pictures of him and his awesome setup at Wolpertshousen.

Stefan worked on the water heater this weekend and I am so proud of him.  He set a goal that we would have hot water by the end of the weekend and we did.  We built a mount, ran gas lines, ran water lines, ran venting, and ta-da:

Looks like a professional job which is certainly was.  Stefan is much more detail oriented than I am and he made sure everything was to code and done right.  Another couple hours and we would have had the washer/dryer set up as well but we worked long enough to miss the Thai Food dinner window as it was.  Hopefully we’ll get that done one evening this week and we’ll be able to get this backload of laundry done!

That’s where we are for now.  We need some more stuff moved over from the apartment but we should be doing pretty good, living in our new home!