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Upstairs Hallway Lighting

Lighting in hallways is so difficult.  I really don’t like most flush-mount light fixtures.  I’m particularly not fond of “boob” fixtures.

Semi-flush is better

but still a little boob-ish.

There are other options. The semi-flush drum shade isn’t too bad.

But I think the real improvement comes when you get away from clear and move towards tiffany style shades.

That being said, clear light is much better for viewing artwork and I’d really like to get some neat large-scale pieces to fill the one blank wall in the hall. There’s no room for furniture so a large painting or a wall of artwork/pictures/etc is going to be the main attraction.

There’s quite a few semi-flush crystal fixtures but I’m thinking it’s too much.

This kind of mercury glass look is pretty but it looks more like an entry fixture than a hallway fixtures.

The other obvious option is a flush or semi-flush globe type fixture. Something like this would be easy, cheap, and wouldn’t make a big statement. The Schoolhouse shade also has the benifit of being very “in” right now and allows me to put off deciding on something more awesome until later.

What do you think?  You can see more shades that I’ve considered on the lighting collections page.

The one thing I have absolutely positively decided on is that the ceiling needs a ceiling medalion.  It will be a fairly simple one.

Something like:

but not $119…. I’m thinking more in the $30 range..

This one is very similar to what’s in the rest of the house. I’ll put of on deciding until I finally make a decision about the fixture itself.

I think I’m leaning towards a semi-flush schoolhouse. What metal tone though? Silver, chome, black, brass? SO many decisions.

I’d love your opinion. I can use all the help I can get!  Please comment!