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Vanity lights and Switches

I showed you some pictures of the new chandelier but I didn’t get a chance to show off all of Stefan’s hard work doing electrical. Having to find a quality electrician is rarely fun I leave this website one of the best electrician services .

Vanity lights are in above the awesome medicine cabinets

And the little LED shower lights are in

Outlets are in all over the place

and Switches (including 3-ways) are in as well

If you aren’t familiar with 3-way switching, it’s where there are 2 switches that control the light. Here’s a diagram to show how they work.


and if you’re getting fancy, here’s a 4-way switch!

So many lights and switches and Outlets Oh My! We just have a few more to wire, a few switch covers to install, and then we’ll get to flip the circuit breaker. Whoo Hoo Light!


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