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Weekend Update April 13&14 – garden clean-up and a strawberry cage

This weekend we relaxed in the glory that is having walls in our house.  Since the drywall isn’t done, we were a bit stalled on the bathroom project which is the next big thing to get finished, the only thing is that the space needs cleaning, we have to hire the Houston Pressure Washing services first.

We did get a little work done here and there.  We raked and mowed the lawn really well and then over-seeded.  We pulled a full wheelbarrow of thatch from the lawn


It’s still rather lumpy but after talking with some landscapers, it’s going to be prohibitively expensive to get it roto-tilled and re-sodded. Like $5500 expensive. We figure we’ll just wait a while. We’ll just rake and overseed until things look nice and green and call it

I bought a rose to replace the one that broke this winter.


I also spent some time getting my veggie garden going.  I pulled out all the bricks, raked back the mulch, added back bricks around the perimeter, and added this super cute path through the middle.

brick mini-path

I also made this great strawberry jar cage.




I used left over porch posts from the back deck. I pre-drilled and screwed together the the pieces and then used a pneumatic stapler to attach the chicken wire. It turned out pretty cute and squirrel-proof!

I was a nice, relaxing weekend. Now, we just wait for drywall to be done and get to painting!