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Weekend Update Double Feature: Jan 26&27 and Feb2&3

I seem to be on an every-other-week schedule. I did post a bit of plant news so hopefully that makes up for my silence.

Jan 26&27 my sister Bekah was in town. She had a business meeting in the Boston area on Friday and stayed for the weekend. It was great! We did a bunch of electric in the bathroom, talked paint colors, planned out the third floor bathroom, decided on light-fixture placement. It was a great trip. I took no pictures but instead just had fun with my sister and did a little of this and that. Stefan did get a good bit of the bathroom plumbing worked out on the third floor and cut all the beams in the ceiling of the master bathroom to make room for the duct-work to the half-bath fan. It was a great weekend with Bekah.

On Feb 2, we didn’t do much. It was an extremely rough week but I won’t get into that now. We read a bit and relaxed and did a bit of this and that. I winter-sowed a couple more jugs with Pansies and Black Eyed Susans. I also spread cardboard over the grass where we’re planning on planting the privacy hedge of Arborvitae. It’s the easiest way to kill the grass. In the spring just cut holes where you want to plant the trees and let the cardboard decompose. It really works great.

While I was out there, I saw something exciting:

Remember when I planted a whole ton of bulbs last fall? Probably not cause it doesn’t look like I mentioned it on the ol’blog. whoops! Anyways, this is a crocus bulb poking it’s head out of the ground. Yay! Crocus are really early bulbs and they will naturalize in a yard if you let them. I planted a whole bunch along with some tulips and daffodils under the weeping cherry tree. Bulbs are a bit of a new thing for me. They are a colder climate phenomenon and they fascinate me. Now I just have to keep the squirrels off the tulips. Yay bulbs!

The Washer and dryer we ordered on Black Friday was delivered.

You can imagine we aren’t quite ready for it. Oh well. I covered them in a thick blanket and wrapped them in plastic to protect them until it’s time to unwrap them and put them in their home.

In the afternoon we worked on the toilet drain in the 3rd floor.

This picture really tells the story of what we’re doing. A big tangle of wire, a bunch of PVC fittings, plastic on the ceiling to keep it warmer at night, a dust mask because everything is dusty. I think this might be a photo we frame just to remind us of this time.

Sunday we worked on tying in the sink drain in the 3rd floor. We’re almost done with PVC. I can’t wait for the day we can call that done! Stefan also had a late-night burst of energy and buttoned up the PEX supply on the second floor. I also put up this awesome shelf:

That should keep the cat out of my plants. The Bromeliad and Lemon tree will stay on the counter but Vector doesn’t seem to bother those as much as the succulents. I LOVE this shelf. It was meant to be a temporary thing but I think I may make it a more permanent fixture. I’m thinking perhaps a glass shelf supported from the ends. How thick would that glass have to be? Preliminary research indicates 3/8″ glass 4′ by 6″ would hold about 30 lbs. That’s about what I’ve got on that one now. I’ll have to visit a glass place and see what we can do. Hm. I’m liking this plan!

Well, that’s the update. I hope you’re have a good February. I’m liking the fact that it’s a short month and after February is March and with march comes the first bit of spring!