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Weekend Update: Finishing up the wiring

This past weekend was busy but we don’t have much in the way of pictures to show for it. We took care of some wiring in the kitchen and finished installing switches and lights in the closet and bathroom.


This isn’t the final center light fixture but it does the job for now. Vector was, of course, on the ladder and in the way for most of the work.


He’s so cute and Stefan spoils him tremendously.

After getting the closet lighting functional (YAYYYYY Lights) we went to work on the Kitchen where we discovered something odd. We cut a hole in the drywall and found a piece of plywood that they had apparently used as the wall earlier. It had this cute wallpaper on it.


The really odd thing was behind the plywood…there is finished wood back there. You can kind of see it here.

It looks like at some point there was some sort of exposed wood wall here. We think maybe the beams were exposed and finished as well to give a rustic wood feel to the kitchen. It’s so strange to peel back the layers of a room to see all the changes it has seen over the years.

Well, that’s all we got to this weekend. Nothing too exciting but lots of hard work.

I did prune some roses which gave me a chance to put some awesome smelling roses in the kitchen.


I should have a kitchen update later this week! I’ll give you a hint – it involves lots of sanding!


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    Vector in the way again, as usual.