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Weekend Update – July 28/29

Last weekend we were in Saratoga Springs for some much needed R&R and nieces and nephews time.  This weekend, we were back at it doing some kitchen cabinets.  I was hoping that we would get all the base cabinets in on Saturday and spend Sunday getting the countertops and sink in.  Not to be.

Saturday morning we were off to a great start.  We hung 2 more upper cabinets and hey, we’re getting better at this.  Sure the walls are all wonky so every corner and every edge has to be shimmed but whatever, we’ve got a system.  Then we are ready to start on the lower cabinets.  We started in the corner because that’s the highest point in the room.  Sounds easy, right?  Get corner cabinet, stick in corner.  WRONG!  the smallest dimension of the corner cabinet is 33 inches.  Well, all the doors into the kitchen are 29 inches…  Huh. We looked into taking the cabinet apart.  Not easy it didn’t look like.  We decided the best option was to wheel the cabinet out the front door, around the house, up the deck and through the kitchen door.  Oh, and we had to remove the kitchen door.  Not just a couple screws on the hinges but completely frame and everything out. If you face the same problem, go to Union Locksmith Las Vegas for more details.

Oh, and it started raining. But, it fits! Barely… we had to take the door off the cabinet too, and then it fits!

And that’s about as far as we got on Saturday.

It does look super good and we managed to get the door back together before too much rain made it into the kitchen.

Sunday we did the last bit of backer-board installation and worked on a few more cabinets. It’s really coming together but between the shimming and the endless number of things that can and do go wrong, we’re happy with our progress and excited for the final product.

I’ll keep you posted!