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Weekend Update: Nov. 11&12

I’ve finally got a before and after for you!!



There is finally a FLOOR in the bathroom! Granted, it’s just subfloor and it’s not quite done but regardless, I am pumped! My feet are so happy to not be balancing on beams any longer.

To install the floor, we layed down tongue and groove subfloor and screwed it down using 2″ decking screws. We generally are a big fan of deckmate screws but they don’t have teeth all the way up the screw which is important for a squeak-free floor. The deckmate screws are for decking where you want the decking boards to have a little room to move and shrink. In addition to screws, we used construction adhesive to really de-squeak-ify the floor.

Look at that balancing on the beams. Never again!

Stefan has today (Veteran’s Day) off so he’s working on tying up a few loose ends while I work. We’re getting close to being able to insulate the second floor. The remaining wiring and plumbing should go fairly quick now that we don’t have to be balance beam gymnasts to move across the floor.

Overall, a productive weekend. I’m pleased!