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Drapes in the Piano Room

Apologies for the accidental draft post earlier today! I promise I have lots of house updates on the way. I need to get a few more pictures and I’ll be having a blog post frenzy this weekend. For now, I’m thinking about drapes.

I’ve decided that the piano room should be painted a muted shade of purple.  I think it will look regal with the wood trim and Stefan’s beautiful piano.  Purple is such a formal but unexpected shade that I think sets the tone quite well for that room.

I’m trying to determine the best type of window treatments for the large bay window as well as the smaller side window in that room.  There are also the french doors into the dining room that will need some amount of sound proofing to make the piano a little less boisterous.  I’m thinking heavy velvets are the way to go.  They will add a lot of sound absorption and add to the elegant regal feel of the space, not including the balsa wood table we’d brought from a furniture store. Any other thick, rich fabric will do as well. Chenille in a damask or Jacquard pattern could be beautiful.  I still haven’t found anything I love in a purple pattern. Since there will not be much furniture in the room, the curtains are a place where we can go a little wild with pattern.

So far, these are the options I have found:

This is a velvet panel from JCPenneys.

Here is a patterned velvet:

They are running about $50 a panel and I would need 10 or more panels.  I also have the option to purchase fabric and make my own.  That would entail finding 54″ fabric for $15 or less per yard.  Definitely doable for a cotton or polyester blend, a little more challenging for a beautiful velvet.

I have thought about changing directions. Part of me loves regal elegance and the ostentatious-ness of velvet, but what if we modernized a bit with something more like this:

Or we could go more casual with a lovely linen floral similar to what I’m doing in the dining room.

Here’s a nice medium but it’s $35 a yard!

The curtains definitely need to be heavy in that room. It will help with the piano acoustics and my sanity. I love the formality that a grand piano brings to a space and I want to emphasize that with my treatment of the room. At the same time, I am worried that going too formal will end up being a bit tacky and over-done. What are your thoughts?