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Quick Idea

Browsing through Better Homes and Gardens online this morning, I came across this super cute idea.

herb lamp

A strawberry pot with herbs turned into a lamp. Add a grow-light bulb and ta-da! Ingenious and very cute! I’m thinking on a buffet in a dining room or as a front-entry lamp. You could even plant lavender and chamomile and put it in a bathroom. A lamp timer would be a must to keep the plants looking good but with a florescent bulb, that isn’t a big electrical commitment.


Oo, you could even go the succulent route and put it anywhere.  Herbs in the living room is a bit strange but other small foliage would work and some greenery really perks up a living space.

I think my friend Emily needs one if we can just get her cats to leave it alone!


  1. 2/23/2012 | 11:36 am Permalink

    Great addition to this idea, metallic lined lampshade. There is a tutorial on Little Green Notebook here :