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Projects for Another Day – 2

These are mostly clothing/accessory projects to ponder.

1) Lacey jean shorts

Saw this on pinterest and I’d love to try it! I love the idea of being able to make these as long as is comfortable while still being feminine and cute.

2) Hex nut jewelry

I love the touch of metal and the structure without the bangle look. It’s impossible to type with a bangle but perhaps a layer of bracelets like this is something I could pull off. I’m working on building a wardrobe that is both casual and together. I’m getting there but some jewelry would pull me in the right direction I think.

3) Dip-Died t-shirt

here is a great tutorial/walk-through from wit & whistle .

4) T-shirt re-do

I have a t-shirt with a sequin stripe. It got me thinking, What else could I applique onto a simple t-shirt? Rick-rack, sequins, lace edging, ruffles, ribbon, etc. I almost always wear a cardigan to work so I can get away with a T underneath as long as it has a little pizzazz! Actually, I could just wear a t-shirt, shorts, and tivas like everyone else in the office but A: it’s too cold and B: I’m trying to look like a grownup.

Here is a similar shirt from J. Crew:

5) Spray-painted cowboy boot

I have my old, utterly worn out pair of cowboy boots lying around. I’ve decided it’s high time I do something with them. I’m thinking maybe purple. Pink is a bit much and I don’t want to be afraid to wear them. I’m planning on buying a pair of actual black boots so there’s no neat to stick to something so boring. Grey would work but equally as boring.  My mother had a pair of navy boots for a long time. That’s an option.

Again, let me know if you try any of these!  I’d love to see your progress and get some tips!