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Radiator Guy

Morei of A1 Plumbing is the guy for radiators. He has a shop in Union Square in Somerville with tons of them.

He came buy one afternoon in August with his guys to pick up the radiators. His guys knew what they were doing and after nearly 3 hours of back-breaking labor, off they went with the radiators. There was a little damage to the front steps which they pointed out and we had some initial mis-communication about what time they were coming but all in all, it was a painless experience to have Morei and his guys come by and haul off the radiators.

Morei was also nice enough to have his crew carry up the claw floor tub we got for free on craigslist up to the 3rd floor from the Shed where we stashed it.

I called all over and not many people do radiators. Too heavy and too much work so if you have some radiators to get rid of, call Morei.

Here’s the Website.

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