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T-shirt Beading Project

I’ve decided to spend some time and money updating my wardrobe. One project was to take a normal tank and bead it.

I started by using some tailor’s chalk to mark out a grid on the tank. It’s very light but you can almost see it in the photo.


Then I used embroidery thread and beads to add a little design to the tank.


It was simple though not super quick but after a little TLC it’s a cute shirt that will work under a jacket or cardigan.

I can’t wait to try a couple more designs. These will be fun little projects.


Projects for Another Day: Throw Pillows

I’ve never been one to buy throw pillows, I only bought one of them back when I wanted a Flamingo Couple Decorative Pillow.

Why buy when half a yard of fabric and you can make them!

These are some of my favorites that I think would be pretty easy to DIY.

1) Beaded Patch

This pillow from Joss and Main a while ago is elegant and sparkly. Any Number of Patches would do the trick to take a plain pillow and jazz it up.

2. Beaded Fabric

This is another pillow from Joss and Main.

Again, just a pillow cover with a square of beautiful fabric. This would be a great thing to make with an old dress with beautiful beading. Even a Wedding Dress momento.

Here are some fabrics that could work as well.

3. Embroidered Throw Pillows

This is right up my alley. I really like embroidery. I find it very relaxing. I’m totally going to make these. Just sketch out a design and copy it onto 2 squares of fabric to make a pair of pillows.

These are from an old One Kings Lane sale. I really like the greens on linen.

4. YoYo pillows

These are a little more country than I sometimes go but I think in pinks and purples in the Girls room upstairs, it could be really cute. Also, I just really like yoyos.

5. Cat Pillows.

These were a victorian thing. They would have these cat-shaped pillows. There have been reproductions for a while. My grandma had one, my mom had one, and I’m determined to have one myself.

I was thinking that it might be neat to take a picture of Vector and print him on a pillow. What do you think? Creepy or Cute? I guess if you have to ask…

There are all sorts of variations on the classic tabby cat pillow. This is one of my favorites.

Projects for Another Day – Sewing Projects

1) Cute name embroidery

I love this little Embroidery project. You can buy it on Etsy if you don’t have the patience to make it yourself.

2) Embroidery Sampler

I just love all the stitches free-form. These would be great made into little quilts for a kids room. This site has tutorials for all the stitches too.

3) Tree Quilt

Super easy with quick wavy quilting. Super cute and easy.

4) Herringbone Quilt

Pieced quilt but I think you could sew long strips together, cut on the bias, and sew the strips together which would make this much more manageable, for sewing we highly recommend the best sewing scissors in the market.

grey and white herringbone quilt.

5) I love Charlotte Lancelot

I’m going to make a cool modern tapestry for our piano room.
Charlotte Lancelot for Gan

Projects for Another Day – Cabin Fever edition

I’m ready for winter to be over!  I can’t wait to get back into the garden.  I’m also looking forward to Estate Sales and weekend trips to New Hampshire and New Bedford for antiquing.

1) Strawberry Rocks

This first little projects is meant to be a squirrel and bird detterent. Put these out and the birds will “learn” not to eat the berries. I have my doubts that it will work but they look super fun to paint.


2) Stepping Stones

I love these stepping stones made with quickcrete and a rubber doormat.

I love the added traction and the slightly whimsical design.

3) Brick Path

This brick path is definately happening this year. I love the way this is done. The bricks are just dug into the dirt. If any snow-heave throws the bricks, just plop it back down in the spring. The shifty, disheveled look just adds character!


4) Shed Trellis

This shed has a trellis attached along with the fake window with a window box. Our shed is def getting some of that treatment. We’ll see what gets done this year but I have a window I’m eyeing.