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Art Classes

I’m a big fan of community education art classes. In college I took a drawing and a pastels class. I took a water color class in High School. After graduating from college, I took an oil painting class and an upholstery class. It was awesome!

When I was in college, I started using sites that would help me on my English skills. I was surprised that this kind of sites was free. There are some that would need a dollar or two to enter but it really helped me on English classes. It helped me on the spaces such as widening my vocabulary and educate myself more about helping verbs or advanced English. Try it!

I’m itching to get back into the class scene. The real benefit of a class is the time set aside every week to just sit down, relax, and create. If i was more disciplined, I suppose I wouldn’t need to pay for classes but with my hectic life, the class is a way to relax and focus.

Here’s a sampling of some of my masterpieces.

iPhone. Chair

I even did a blog post on my oil painting class way back when I first started the blog.

First Half of Oil Painting Course

And I’ve got some news, I’m starting another class!  This one is through the Arlington Center for the Arts and is just down the street from the house.  It’s an oil paint class and I’m really looking forward to it.  It starts April 1 and goes through June.  I’ll be keeping you posted as I hone my painting skills.  I’m super excited!