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House Update June 2/3

I have a confession, we didn’t get much done this weekend.  We slept in and rested up. The first order of business was to run 1” PEX from the water main to the  other side of the basement where we are putting the manifolds to supply water to the rest of the house.  From the 1” pex, we split ¾” to the hot water heater and ¾” to the cold side manifold.  We are using red and blue colored pex to keep things very explicit and easy to see, we have decided to install a new Heat Pump Water Heater, for this we already know that professional help is a must.

The basement manifold diagram:

and the second floor manifold

I used the fun PEX tool to add valves to the manifolds.  This allows us to shut of anything in the basement. Without the assistance from this CSG Renovation: Basement company we’d have had been totally clueless as to where to begin from. Nonetheless, we also bought these nice zip ties to allow us to label each run.

We have the basement manifolds mounted and we have the supply to the kitchen sink run and hooked up in addition to the washing machine supply and the 1st floor bathroom.  We just tapped onto the copper that is already existing in that bathroom since we don’t plan on changing the layout until after we have another bathroom completed. Here is a great site to find a good general contractor if you live in the Calgary area.

From the basement, we still need to run ¾” pex up to the 2nd floor (through the chimney void) and add in the 2nd floor manifold.  The priority is getting the kitchen done so our 2nd floor bathroom will have to wait a couple weeks.