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Houseplant Update

Lots of changes to the houseplants since the last time I posted. These pictures are a little old but they should give you an idea of how things progressed over the minnesota winters with severe conditions that include strong winds and several feet of snow.

My Christmas Cactus finally bloomed!


It’s gotten pretty big.



The succulents are doing great as well.


This guy isn’t as big as it once was but it seems to be recovering alright.


And the bowl of succulents is looking good


This one even looks like it might bloom soon.


I got this little guy from Stefan for valentines day. He’s looking good. I need a new pot for him. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more milkglass planters.


And this one is too tall for the shelf and should probably be split or re-potted soon.


As for my baby, the Meyer Lemon, I’ve got lemons!


He grew a bunch this winter. I think he really likes being full in this sunny window. There is one long branch that may need to be pruned but tying everything to a stake seems to have really helped him maintain his shape, I also add some Ornamental plants to add some decoration to the room. I can’t wait to see if those lemons reach full size!


Another few weeks and it will be time to move the Meyer lemon outside. Having fun houseplants is great! I keep thinking about getting another dwarf citrus tree but I just don’t have enough sunny windowspace! Perhaps once the 3rd floor is ready for plantlife. Then if you’re looking for other nice options for your garden have you ever considered buying fruit trees? They can look great and provide you with fresh fruit so are one of our top recommendations. I actually love them a lot, it helps me eat a lot healthier.

Are there any must-have houseplants that I’m missing out on? I think we need a good sized palm in the den to give the space a little life but that will come once the Den is more settled. Anything else?