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Hurricane Sandy Update

We were very lucky.  We had very little damage from the hurricane.  The power stayed on, the basement stayed dry, and besides the wind, nothing much made this a worse storm than others.  You can see a bit of chaos on the front porch.  I moved some potted plants up there and we still have a bunch of junk that blew around.


The shed took a beating but stood up just fine.  We completely forgot that we hadn’t put in as many tap-con screws to secure the building to the slab as we meant to.  That meant the shed shifted a bit on its foundation.  Nothing the two of us and a couple friends can’t fix.  With 4 people, moving the shed is no big deal.

The most difficult-to-repair damage is this piece of siding that peeled off.  A big ladder and a pair of pliers would snap it back in place but it’s the big ladder part that’s tricky.  Getting above the kitchen is tricky.  On the plus side, we get to see what’s under the ugly aluminum siding: House wrap.  That’s a good sign that the wood siding is still in good shape.  I kind of wish I could actually see the siding but it’s better this way.  I guess I’ll just have to wait until we get up the gumption to take off that siding.  5 year plan.

And that is exactly how eventful of an evening it was for us.  These pictures were taken the following morning (Tuesday) and you can see how clear and beautiful it is out.

The husband was on work travel all week so this weekend will be one of cuddles and getting some house work done.  I can’t wait!  I’ll let you know what all we accomplish!