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New Years Weekend

Stefan had New Years Eve and New Years Day off of work so he had a long, 4 day weekend to work on stuff.   In addition, we are at the finishing stage on a bunch of projects.  It’s been great to start checking things off the list.

Saturday we finished up the plumbing for the laundry and  layed down the final last bit of floor in the bathroom.  We also designed the plumbing drain for the bathroom sinks as well as the gas piping for the laundry.  We went out for a Home Depot run just as it was starting to snow.

This was the snow situation when we left the house:

photo (13)

About 45 minutes later when we walked out of Home Depot, The snow looked like this:

photo (14)

It took us another 40 minutes or so to get home in that weather and then we made a roast chicken.  It’s on our new year’s resolution list to cook more and this was a fun date-night project in true Wolpert style.  Home Depot and Dinner.

Next time, smaller chicken.  It took FOR-EV-ER to cook.  It also had to be rotated in the oven several times causing entirely too many flip the bird jokes.

Sunday morning we woke up to 6-8 inches of snow.

Stefan busted out the snowblower.  I’ve never seen one in action.  It’s super cool!

We also tried to take Vector out to play in the snow.  He was terrified but he did love playing in the leaves under the deck.  We had a hard time getting him out.  He also escaped out the front door to the porch while we were shoveling but he left only a few tentative footprints in the snow before apparently getting scared and running back inside.  Silly Kitty.

By the time the driveway sidewalk, porch, and deck were snowblowed, shoveled and salted we were pretty beat.  We did manage  to get 99% of the way done with the gas pipe and dry-fit the sink drains.  We needed one more little piece until Stefan could pressure test the gas connections so we went to Home Depot yet again.  We also went to Target and hit up the 70% off Christmas sales while we were there.  Lots of extension cords, timers, flood lights, etc.  We cleaned up!  I’ve got Christmas cards for next year and some wrapping paper.  I found this years pinecone ornament (my new collection) and I’m good to go.  The box stores are generally pretty picked over in this area so I didn’t get any garland for the porch or any lights.  I’m probably just going to have to pay full price.  Even then, you really have to get to the Home Depot or Target early to get lights.  For whatever reason they were picked over by Thanksgiving.  I’m glad we were able to have a Christmas Decor research year or I would never have known!

Monday I had to work 🙁  Stefan went to a friend’s house for brunch and did a bunch of computer research work.
Monday night we went to a party with some friends and Tuesday we did some more work on the plumbing and gas.  The bathroom is really starting to shape up!

As soon as we get the bathroom vent fan picked out, we can install the duct-work in the exterior wall and we will be ready for round one of insulation.  A bit more plumbing and electric in the bathroom and we will be ready for drywall.  We are getting close! AND as an added bonus, MLK day is in just a couple weeks giving another power 3-day weekend.   Depending on how the contractor’s timing works out, we may be drywalled by early Feb and done with the master bath by the end of March.  I can’t wait!

I hope you all had a wonderful new year. When we woke up on January 1 we were greeted with this beauty:

My lemon tree finally bloomed! Now I just need a second bloom so I can get to pollinating the blooms! Another couple months and we’ll have lemons!

Happy New Year!