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Oh Spring – A Spring list post

Everyone seems to be doing spring posts this week. Making it Lovely has a list up and Young House Love just did some porch work. I want to do a spring post! I love spring. I really can’t wait for it to warm up for sure. We’ve had warm days but I want warm all day everyday.

The remainder of April and most of May will be devoted to getting the bathroom in ship-shape.

Right now it looks like this:


We’ve got a ways to go..

I’m still planning on a bit of yard work during these first fleeting days of spring. I need to plant my gladiolas. I’m planning on setting up my veggie patch. My plan for the patch has changed. I’m planning on a bed about 5′ by 10′ with a narrow pathway down the middle the long ways. It’ll be tight but I’m hoping it will give me an idea of what I should do more long-term.

Then of course, the front yard is going to be dug up and re-landscaped.

We’ve also got all the other things on the list that need to be taken care of.

1. Finish Painting the front porch


2. Remove gross chain link fence

3. Talk to neighbors about removing a couple of huge Norway Maples
You can see them in the backyard picture above, behind the ugly chainlink fence


4. Rake, re-seed, and figure out what to do about our Lumpy Lawn

5. Build a cage for my strawberries


6. Plant Arborvitae hedge

7. Build trellis privacy screens (wait until next summer)


8. Prune Cherry Tree

9. Mulch the back beds

10. Replace the rose that was killed by the snow. Anyone know what kind this is?


11. build a leaf mold compost pile to the right of the shed

12. Add trellis to the shed and plant something that will grow up and over the shed.


Big list. Not sure how much of this will get done, but I’m excited just to get to be outside. It’s been a long, cold winter.



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