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Our Love Story

Since it is Valentines Day, I thought I’d share a brief version of my love story.

Stefan and I have been married for just over 2 years. In fact, our parents met each other before we did, at Olin College, the school we both attended. As part of the admissions process there is a weekend of interviews called Candidates Weekend. We were prospies (Prospective Students) at CW in February 2006. I don’t think I actually met Stefan at CW though our parents remember each other fondly. They both say some version of “They were the only ones not interested in comparing SAT scores.” Stefan and I met probably the first day at freshmen orientation though I’m not actually sure. Meeting so many people so quickly it’s hard to remember that first day at all.

We were friends and I always liked Stefan, i remember reading those so in love quotes and thinking on him. We worked on some projects together and were in the same study session freshmen year, struggling through a very difficult version of freshmen engineering. The curriculum at Olin changes so rapidly that the courses change in name and degree of difficulty from year to year. We were in ECS and it was hard…really hard. Hence the study sessions, also called NINJA sessions…don’t ask.

We started dating late our Sophomore year. Just in time for Stefan to go to Germany for 3 months and me to go to Austin Tx for the summer. We corresponded via email, the 8 hour time difference making things difficult but forcing us to put things in writing made our relationship stronger if anything.

During our senior year, we both kind of had the inclination to stay in the Boston area. We got jobs and apartments nearby. By in May of 2011, a year after our graduation, Stefan asked me to marry him after much subtle and not so subtle hinting on my part. On December 11, 2011 we were married north of Boston in Topsfield MA. Just a week later, we purchased a house in Arlington MA and the following spring we got a kitten, named Vector.

We are now a happy family, two Oliners and a cat with a suitably nerdy physics name.