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tiling tiling tiling and more tiling

It’s been a long road but I am DONE laying tile in the bathroom.  I still have  a bit of grout to do but it’s looking good!

These are the tools of my trade:

The tile cutter, special cable winch, some plastic over the drain, and a bunch of partial tiles ready to be used or re-cut.

This is my favorite spatula:

and a bucket full of thinset


These are Vector’s favorite part. I call it plastic kibble but they are really tile spacers. Vector LOVES pulling them off the wall and throwing them around.


You’ll notice something else in that picture, shower ledges. We purchased the ledges from and installed them with some construction adhesive and silicone caulk. Then I just tiled right around them.

Here you can see the tiling-around-them in process:



And, after much ado, the tiling is complete!




I must say, I am sick of subway tile. I am definitely going to take a significant break before I do the kitchen backsplash! I had planned on getting the tiling done more than 2 weeks ago but I kept putting it off. I’m glad I finally just sat down and finished it. It certainly helped to do it while Stefan was around to mix the thin-set. That’s definitely the worst part.

And a final celebratory picture, Stefan putting in the shower nozle so that the final piece of tile can be installed.


and voila! complete:


I hope you’re ready for some more bathroom updates.  They’ll be coming later this week!


  1. 9/24/2013 | 10:36 pm Permalink

    Sarah I loooooove your bathroom! That tile is so cute!!!