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Beautiful Spring Morning and Bulb Love

As I was walking to work this morning, I couldn’t help smiling at the flowers and trees in bloom all around me.  It was brisk, currently 37 degrees out, but the evidence of spring abounds.  Being from the south, I have never truly understood the wonder of spring bulbs.  They still fascinate me with their vivid colors and early, determined blooms.

Look how amazing these are! I love the carpet of blooms that densely packed bulbs create. They multiply every year and become full and blooming. This fall I am going to plant a massive number of bulbs in the front and back yards in the hope of creating a lush carpet of flowers to grace the first vestiges of springtime for years to come.

In addition to sunny, early daffodils, I am going to do some pink tulips (my favorite), irises, Lily-of-the-valley for Stefan (his favorite flower) as well as english bluebells (a nod to my Texas roots) and some more exotic flowers like Giant Allium.

I am already excited about next spring, seeing the little green bulb tips poke through the ground announcing the arrival of spring.