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Brick Garden Path: Part 2

Check out Part 1 here.

After dumping 250 lb of sand, I started laying out the bricks, I do have to admit that the need for Masonry Work Services here was very clear. I used a rubber mallet to level out the bricks in the bed of sand. It really worked much better than I anticipated for evening out the bricks.


I edged the path with a row of bricks and filled in the center with the herringbone pattern.


You can see I still have a bit more to do. I need to get out my handy brick set and make some partial bricks to fill in the triangles. I am definately going to fill in the large triangles at the bottom but I’m tempted to fill the small triangles on the sides with a bit of potting soil and some thyme. I’ll see just how hard cutting the bricks is!


After the partial bricks are in place much like this site does on their fireplaces, it will be time to fill the cracks with some Polymeric Sand. This is the stuff I’m planning on using. It’s a bit pricey ($20) but available at Home Depot which makes things easy.

I’m looking forward to getting the last bits of this project settled.