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Cat Craft

After looking around for cat scratching posts, I realized I might as well just make my own. Vector is a good kitty and already knows to use the cat scratchers instead of the couch. Turns out they actually prefer something with a bit more roughness than your furniture. He has one little cardboard scratcher that he carries around with him and sets down to scratch and then moves around and chases.

I got him that one at the dollar tree. If only the big trees were as reasonably priced. The biggest complaint I have read online about cat scratching towers is that they aren’t heavy enough to withstand much cat scratching. They seem to be mostly made out of cardboard and just don’t have much heft. I took up the job of making my own. I used 3” PVC which we had lying around. I hot-glued sisal rope to the pvc and attached the PVC pipe to a plywood base with PVC toilet flange.

I cut a hole in a scrap of carpet and slid it over the PVC and continued wrapping the rope to cover up the flange. I affixed the carpet to the plywood with a trusty staple gun.

I dropped some brick pieces into the PVC for some added heft. For the top of the tree, I have the PVC cut at an angle.

At first I didn’t know what to put on the top of the post but then I saw Design Sponge has a great little tutorial on cardboard scratching pads.

I modified it a bit to make this kind of whimsical tree shape. So far Vector loves it.

Making these cat toys is so fun. They are quick and you always have a willing recipient. Now we just need to patch all the holes in the house so Vector can take full control of his domain.

Sarah (and Vector)