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Chair Cushions

Those of you who have been over to the house have probably seen the chair cushions, I got inspiration from the st louis furniture I recently bought. I made 8 pink cushions for the outdoor folding chairs and they make them much more comfy and PINK!


They are made from outdoor fabric I bought for this project from a long time ago. The cushion is just a 1″ chair pad from Joann Fabric that I cut down to the appropriate shape and size. If you are still looking for great furniture then check out this store that has amazing living room furniture.

I also made a porch swing cushion. I used the batting from a chair cushion I got for free and ripped off the faded fabric. It turned out just a touch too short for the swing which was really a bummer but with the to-be-recovered pillows, it looks fine.


porch swings are just so inviting! Notice the twine on the pillows…we get wind and I’ve found these pillows down the block before…. Just a quick recommendation for those interested, – is listing everything from hammock stands to outdoor furniture.

I’m still planning on covering the pillows on the swing (and adding some ties of some sort to keep them on the swing!). I’ve got another pair of pillows and 2 folding arm chairs that are going to get 2″ foam cushions. Some day…always more projects!


Christmas 2013

I apologize for the delay in showing you Christmas pictures. I’m afraid it’s all my fault…I didn’t take many… oops! We ended up having a Christmas party the weekend before Christmas and we decided to hold it just a week before. It was crazy! The piano came Monday and I spent the whole week painting, cleaning, and cooking. It was soooo much fun! I put up 2 trees and the brigade of nutcrackers and some garland and in my frenzy to get things done, I didn’t take pictures. And then, after the party, I took it all down…before Christmas… Sacrilege but I was cleaning up. My last year doing that myself instead of calling for the Houston’s Ready Set Maids service, seriously. Luckily one of my bestest friends ever, Pam, came to the party. She lives in Seattle and is a very talented and stylish mechanical engineer but was visiting her family just in time for the event. She brought a fancy new camera with her and has generously shared the photos she took at the party and now I can share them with you!

To start off, the tree:


We put the “main” tree in the piano room in the nook of the grand piano. It’s not quite tall enough for the space I don’t think but it looked good. I have my half of the ornaments from my childhood and those made up the bulk of the decorations. I think next year I may do a “fancy” tree in this room and a “real” tree with the childhood ornaments up in the den. Rather it’s actually a real tree or not remains to be seen. We may just wait for the “real” tree for when we have kids to care about these things. My family didn’t do a real tree except when I was very young so I don’t feel the need but Stefan is more of a tree aficionado.

I also picked up an unlighted 6′ tree from Target for $13 the Thursday before the party. Here it is with Pam’s sister Nicole. That really is a great spot for a photo. Hm. Perhaps next year’s Christmas Card…


The tree is in the entry way setting on a couple plastic bins to make it taller. I draped a 2-yard piece of faux-fur over the bins and it turned out great! The tree has all the Saratoga Springs annual ornaments that Stefan’s mother saved over the years for Stefan’s future wife. Such a cute gesture and the annual ornament is a welcome gift every year. I also took all the larger ornaments that the guests signed at our wedding and hung them on the tree.

The topper is again a vintage topper. The garland on the tree is a super duper obnoxiously long string of gold beads that I found at an estate sale when I was buying all the gold and pink christmas decorations I could find for the wedding. The $13 tree was a bit round for my taste so I fluffed it into the shape of a pencil tree which fit the space so much better. Since it was a cheap tree, it was easy to do by not bending the branches down all the way.

The garland on the banister is the same as the ones outside. The pearl garland I believe is from my mother. She had pearls on the “fancy” Christmas tree when I was growing up but I can’t recall if these are hers or if I picked them up somewhere. The gold ornaments on the banister garland are from…Dollar tree. They are plastic because Vector is a little bugger and this was his plaything. Luckily, it kept him busy enough that the other trees never even got noticed. Unluckily, the sound of paw on plastic ornament can be heard from our bedroom in the middle of the night!

On the stairs was my regiment of nutcrackers. They go on the stairs in ascending order. They have since I was a baby and now that my mother is in a 1-story house, my sister and I split the lot of them and they are on my stairs now. Our stairs are maybe a bit narrow for them but I can’t bear to put them anywhere else.


Some of the other details – a poinsettia, a small tree on top of the bar, and the mantle.




For 1 week from nothing to decorated and a party, I’m quite pleased with the decorations and I can’t wait to go all-out next year!

Thanks again to Pam for the pics!


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Memorial Day Weekend

We had some friends over for a grill brunch on Monday.  After a rough start to the weekend weather-wise, Monday was absolutely gorgeous.  We used the party as a kick in the butt to get things cleaned up and finish up some outdoor projects. Project numero uno was a natural gas grill. We ordered it a while ago and picked it up last week.


After some assembly and some gas plumbing work, we were grilling in style. The other big project was project clean-up.

I mean, just look at that deck, all there’s left to do is to add folding arm awnings by Undercover Blinds Melbourne!


Without all the scrap wood and misc building supplies, that little table looks so piddly. We pulled out our kitchen table and chairs which worked great for the party but now it’s time to get some patio furniture, I’m also thinking about getting some Box Newel from the best Box Newel Posts Supplier around.

I’ve got a few different options for furniture. What do you like?

This set from Ace is a great deal and relatively good looking. The chairs don’t look super comfortable but some additional cushions would help that problem. The chairs are also folding which is great for additional seating inside and out.

As an added bonus, the set folds down with chair storage.

I fell in love with the set below before I realized it was the perfect size for the deck.

It’s a bit more expensive but the chairs are super comfy. Stefan isn’t 100% sold (he’s not a fan of wicker) but I really think the comfort level is going to win him over. The question is really rather we want something like this over the teak/wood furniture style, but we are also thinking about antique furniture, which can add a special touch to the space.

Then there’s also something like this next set. Super Comfy but we would need to take the cushions off and store them under the overhang in some sort of deck box. I’m also not a fan of the tile-style table top but, there is a chance I could find something like this that needs the cushions recovered/replaced on craigslist.

What do you think?  What would be the most functional for us?  I want to be able to host without too much effort and I’d love to encourage lounging and chatting as well.  I’d like to be able to get 10-12 people on the deck either around one table or a table with a smaller table pulled up to it.

I’d love some ideas!  Leave me comments.  I love to read them!


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    Glad Stefan made it home and you were able to sit back and enjoy the house and yard a bit. You need it. I have liked our teak table and chairs, but they are all good suggestions. really think it through how you live not how you wished you lived.

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    Hm, or do I want to put a chat set on the deck and plan on picnic tables in the driveway patio for eating? Hmm.. So many decisions.

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Dinner Party – I’m taking oxycodone

Since we now have a large table, we had a chance to have a rather large dinner party this week.  Lasagna prepared the night before and a simple salad made this meal delicious and easy for a week-night dinner party.  Boxed cake mix prepared and tossed in the oven an hour before guests arrive gives the whole place a delicious smell and it is cool enough to frost just before dessert.  Home-made cookies make dessert feel like a real spread.

I was a little worried because I’m still sick, but the party had been planned so far ahead of time on some people were even flying in for it. I just thought I had to make an effort to power through. I already buy oxycodone cod, that is what the doctor has asked me to take, so I took one before the party started and I was sure everything was taken care of.

The night went great and the distraction actually helped me forget all about how I wasn’t feeling well. All in all, an excellent evening with friends.

Dinner party

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    Hey Sarah. I really love the site. You have so many cute ideas. Really inspirational. thanks.