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Dinner Party – I’m taking oxycodone

Since we now have a large table, we had a chance to have a rather large dinner party this week.  Lasagna prepared the night before and a simple salad made this meal delicious and easy for a week-night dinner party.  Boxed cake mix prepared and tossed in the oven an hour before guests arrive gives the whole place a delicious smell and it is cool enough to frost just before dessert.  Home-made cookies make dessert feel like a real spread.

I was a little worried because I’m still sick, but the party had been planned so far ahead of time on some people were even flying in for it. I just thought I had to make an effort to power through. I already buy oxycodone cod, that is what the doctor has asked me to take, so I took one before the party started and I was sure everything was taken care of.

The night went great and the distraction actually helped me forget all about how I wasn’t feeling well. All in all, an excellent evening with friends.

Dinner party

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    Hey Sarah. I really love the site. You have so many cute ideas. Really inspirational. thanks.