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Downton Abbey Finds: Season 1 Episode 3

Lets start with this beautiful dress that Edith is wearing.  I love the navy and look at those buttons!  Here are 2 pictures so you can get the full idea.  The shape is awesome as a dress but the top would make an awesome shirt.  The contrasting lapel fabric is cut to give that nice sweetheart shape that is so flattering while maintaining that nice modest and comfortable V-neck.

DowntonAbbeyEdress DowntonAbbeyEdress2

Here’s a home inspiration for you.  I love the shades.  There is a foot or so of lace attached to the bottom of the shades.  What a cheap and easy way to spruce up roller shades!  I also love how the desk faces into the Bay window.  It’s an odd furniture arrangement but it seems to work.  Then again, it’s a tv show so it’s hard to tell how well it would flow in real life but I do love a desk facing a window.


And last but not least, this jacket.  Light blue with dark blue cuffs and top half of a notched collar with a bit of the dark blue trim on the pockets.  This would be an easy upgrade to make to a fairly simple wool coat but that contrast just really makes it pop.  I’d definitely wear that jacket right now.



As always, stay tuned for some more DA finds!


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    Another nice blog as I sit at my desk facing out the window watching all the walkers and such.