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Downton Abbey Finds: Season 1 Episode 2

Look at this Hall Tree. Love it! Also the ceramic umbrella stand. Beautiful.


And this was cool, this swivel tea-pot. I’ve never seen a silver service like this. Pretty cool!

Stay tuned for more cool things I saw in Downton Abbey!


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    The silver “tea pot” which you are referring to is not a tea pot at all (the dowager countess is holding the actual tea pot in her right hand…). Rather, it’s a ‘hot water kettle’ – a standard piece in any proper Victorian or Edwardian tea service. It comes with a burner in it’s base, which keeps the water hot for serving. Her first act is to add a bit of hot water into the ceramic tea pot, so as to pre-warm it. This step is very important if the ceramic pot is cold, as it will otherwise chill the brewing tea. Once she’s warmed the pot, she pours off the residual water into a silver receptacle designed for that purpose. Next, she measures out the loose tea into the warmed pot, and then will fill it with fresh hot water from the swivel hot water kettle.