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Early June Veggie Update

In the veggie garden, we’re doing pretty good considering how late the spring started.

The oregano is doing great and the sage isn’t too shabby either. The chives are slow but they really don’t take off until the second year.


Cilantro, Parsley, and mint

The Nasturtiums (round leaves) are doing well.  The baby gladiolus that are leftover from last year are doing surprisingly well considering how cold and snowy the winter was.  The larger seedlings up towards the bricks are sunflowers.  The Carrots in the middle with the soaker hose running through them are about an inch and a half tall.  It’s about time to plant a second flush of carrots for later in the summer.  The tomatoes aren’t doing awesome but we had some really late cold snaps and they are still recovering.


2 peppers and a Basil

The strawberries are doing amazingly well

While not technically in the veggie garden, the window boxes on the porch are doing great. The dill and parsley really perked up and the snapdragons behind them are getting big. I need to split them out I think.

And the lemon tree has been moved outside and been re-potted. Nature is so cool. When the tree was inside we got only one flower that was fertilized and produced a lemon. The paintbrush method is not super effective at pollination. Move the plant outside and let the bugs take care of business and we have a 1-1 flower to lemon ratio. We pulled off most of the lemons so the plant would keep growing but it won’t be long until we have plenty of lemons. Next I want to get a dwarf lime. I can just imagine summer Gin and Tonics with fresh, home grown lime.


The peas are about a foot long and growing up the trellis.  The cucumbers have sprouted.

The squash and zucchini have sprouted.  I can’t wait for some summer squash and zucchini muffins!

Just a little longer until the harvest is in.  I can’t wait!