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Favorite Find

So when I heard about‘s link party for fav. finds, I wasn’t sure what I should share.  But, something awesome and amazing happened…I went to a George sale on Saturday.  He convinced us to buy this thing.  We were going back and forth and couldn’t decide rather to get it.  And George gave us a GREAT deal.  I mean, I could sell it on craigslist for easily double what I paid.  But I think we’re going to keep it.  Have you guessed what it is yet?  I’ll give you a hint:


It’s a bar cabinet.




Isn’t she pretty.  Guess what I paid…guess.  $100.  and he threw in a bunch of neat old books with it.  It’s burled walnut veneer on the outside with some maple veneer on the inside.  There’s a broken mirror but nothing a  glass shop couldn’t replace for me.  It’s in excellent condition otherwise.  The varnish on the veneer is a bit worn but I really think that a real light sanding and a fresh coat of poly is all it needs.  The legs are scuffed a bit but nothing some furniture polish can’t fix.

Ahhh.  I love it!  As soon as we got it home I knew it was awesome.  I can’t believe we were about to walk out of that sale without it!



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