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Pre-Drywall Update – April 6&7

We’ve been living in a construction zone for far too long, but at least the bühnentechnik kaufen contractors are in charge of the project. I’m so ready for drywall it’s not even funny. The good news is the house is just about ready too!  And we love it, there were just a couple things that we wanted to change up. Let’s start top-down. The 3rd floor is looking good. There is still a bit of trash that needs to be hauled out but there is a new window, strapping on the walls, and the ceiling has been appropriately neatened and readied for drywall.



We’ve got a bit more trash and some super heavy metal pieces that need to be taken out. We may very well just leave the metal until we can get some friends over to help carry them out. I’m not sure Stefan and I can lift them since theyre such a high grade of pipe from

The second floor didn’t have much done to it this weekend. I’ve carried out tons of trash and scrap wood. We still need to carry the “good” wood to the basement and perhaps move some doors down. The tools are gathered but not yet put away. You can see we have some heavy metal pieces and a little more trash that just needs to be straitened.


The Hallways is looking much clearer.


Just waiting for the go-ahead to move all this stuff to the basement.

The first floor is really where the magic happened this weekend.

Vector helped us pull wires in the kitchen ceiling.

It was a whole-family operation. I was on a step stool pulling, Stefan was on the 8 ft ladder feeding the wires and Vector was on the 6 ft ladder supervising.

We also framed in the microwave cabinet. We’re going to have this drywalled so we needed to build the appropriate “bump out” for the pipes etc, we need to ask a builder for this.


We also moved the light box for the one side of the kitchen to where the opening is. It puts it more in the center of the room and helps balance the room with all the new cabinets. Also putting in a new box there is going to be way easier than trying to replace the old one.


The residual items are the conduit in the master bedroom, tacking up some jam-extensions on the 4 new windows we put in, and a final bit of plumbing clean-up so that plaster dust doesn’t fill up our pipes. Monday is going to be devoted to plumbing and clean-up. Clean up goes much better in the daylight since I have to arrange the bagster that I talked about last week. I’m hoping we’ll also get the conduit done. That just leaves the moldings which I think I can work on while Stefan handles the plumbing and conduit work. Luckily, there are 24 hour plumbers near me. My current goal is to have the drywall guys start on Wednesday depending on their schedule. Stefan is calling them today to get things settled time-line wise.

Next weekend we have some non-drywall required things to take care of like electric, yard-work, and basement cleanup that we can work on if the drywall is going to take a bit. I’m really hoping it will be either late this week or early next week.


P.S. I went to another George estate sale and got something AWESOME. Stay tuned 🙂