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Fun Finds – Craigslist Guy edition

A friend of ours was scouring craigslist for a library card catalog when he stumbled upon a listing with no picture but what sounded like a great piece. He went out to take a look and it was awesome. Not only that, but the guy was an older man, a collector, and he was moving. He was selling almost everything in the house and adjacent barn. Our friend John knew it was right up our alley and the three of us went back to pick up the card catalog and pick through the treasures in this guys house.

We came back with the motherload.

This is one cool piece.

Any guesses what it is?

It’s some sort of gas auto lantern. Either for a car or a stagecoach of some sort. Think a gas headlight. Soooo cool!

We got 2 cool chandeliers:

2 really neat old floor lamps

An ammo box and a library ladder chair

And this neat misson-style or mission-ish-style umbrella stand

And to top it all off, we got this big box full of lamps and obscure gas to electric conversion pieces that we would never be able to find otherwise.


I’ll be posting more details as I get things cleaned up and re-wired but I couldn’t help but share my find with you now while they are making a big mess in my kitchen.

What a great way to spend a Sunday!


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    Stefan went back yesterday and got even more! Wait until you see the pictures from round 2!

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